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Flow-etkot Lepiksessä! Ghosts on TV:n sadas keikka! Paluu Helsinkiin! Juhlat!

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MAA ILMASTA plays instrumental rock with a big heart and an open mind. Released by Luova Records, the album ISO YÖ (lit. ”big night”), composed by Koskinen, walks the line between fantasy and reality, painting pictures of Jyväskylä and other places in Finland.
GHOSTS ON TV are known for creating their own wall of sound (made by three guitars) combined with a minimalistic, melancholic atmosphere. The band´s music has been described as post-rock, dark indie or art-rock.
SALAIVA represents Jyväskylä-based group which plays fat jazz/rock with surprising dynamics and good entertainment value. Salaiva’s innovative songs are carried by their crisp melodies, and riotous improvisation galore is only part of this group’s plan.