Booking Inquiries

Please send booking inquiries ONLY via email to keikat@lepis.fi

Venue Info

Helsinginkatu 1
00500 Helsinki

STAGE: 4,5 m wide x 3 m deep, 20 cm height
DRESS.ROOM: One small
MERCHANDISE: One table with electricity available at ticket sales

LOAD IN earliest at 2PM through garage (max height 2,25m!), ask guidance from the staff on arrival
LOAD OUT: After show or the next day after 2PM

All backline must be ready on stage when in-house technician arrives at the venue. In-house technician will be onsite:

  • wed-thu at 18:00
  • fri-sat at 18:00


  • wed-thu at 20:00
  • fri-sat at 20:00
  • sun at 20:00

Technical riders and all venue tech related: tekniikka@lepis.fi

Venue backline:
Drums: Tama Swingstar 22“, 16“, 12“. Does NOT include snare, stands, cymbals, pedals, bells or whistles.
Guitar & bass: –

L’acoustics ARCS Wide per side
2x L’acoustics SB118 subwoofer
LA8 amplifier

Midas M32R (DL32 on stage)

3pcs of dB Technologies D10 HP

4pcs Shure SM58
1pcs Shure Beta SM58A
3pcs Shure SM57
2pcs Shure SM81
1pcs Shure Beta SM52
1pcs Sennheiser 602
2pcs Sennheiser 609
3pcs Sennheiser 604

Stage rear wall
4pcs of Bright X-led
4pcs of Hi-Ltte HL-18 B-eye
4pcs of Showlight blinder 2-lite

Stage sides
2pcs of Bright X-led

Front lights

Dance floor
4pcs of Bright X-led